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Mobility Unlimited offers a variety of services to a variety of age groups. Our products range from your basic wheelchair to custom fitted and ordered equipment. not only do we offer mobility products but we also offer custom bathroom equipment, standing frames, gait trainers, portable ramps, vehicle lifts, and stair lifts.

Manual Wheelchairs

Come in many different styles and sizes. From high strength to light weight, from folding frames to rigid frames, from bariatric to pediatric, this versatility allows us to improve the life of any manual wheelchair user.



For those who need mobility and can operate a tiller controlled device, a scooter can provide independence and freedom in a variety of settings.

Power Wheelchairs

Today's technology has enabled us to meet the medical needs of anyone who needs power mobility. Power wheelchairs are available for pediatric, bariatric and geriatric clients.


Seating and Positioning

A properly fitted seating system can improve a client's ability to perform certain activities of daily living by providing proper positioning and support as well as pressure relief.

Canes / Walkers / Gait Trainers

These devices are used to develop and enhance a client's ambulation potential. With many styles and sized available, there are options to meet most client's medical needs.


Standing Frames

Standing frames come in a variety of styles depending on the user's needs. Standing can help prevent several health problems related to breathing, digestion, swallowing, cardiopulmonary functioning, and skin and bone integrity.


Portable Ramps

Ramps come in a number of varieties each intended for a different purpose. Portable Ramps range from small six (6") inch threshold to thirty (10') portable ramps. The most popular style is the folding suitcase style that range from 3 feet to 10 feet. The Agency does NOT install portable ramps. You are solely responsible at your cost for engaging a qualified individual or contractor for proper installation.

Custom Bath Equipment

Custom bath Equipment comes in a variety of styles and can accommodate a variety of settings. From rolling into the shower products to transfer systems. These products are designed to provide support and safety for individuals with limited function during bathing activities.

Vehicle Lifts and Hand Controls

Vehicle lifts are designed to enable people confined to a mobility device the ability to access a vehicle for transportation purposes. There are a variety of different types of vehicle lifts ranging from outside platform lifts to front turning seats. The type of lift is dependent upon the user's needs and vehicle.

  While Hand Controls provide a safe and convenient way for an individual who has no or limited extremity functioning to access a vehicle.

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are known as chairs which climb up a staircase for people who find it difficult to climb stairs. To be able to access a stair lift, the user should be able to stand at least well enough to do a standing transfer. Also, the medical prognosis of the user needs to be considered. There are many models to a a variety of environments.



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